Ok, who's been to a concert at Memorial Hall?  I'm ashamed to say I have not, sure I've been there for many events however not recently to a concert.  I'm excited to say that is going to change on September 16th we are going to see Josh Turner at Memorial Hall!  Upcoming events here include Dwight Yoakam, The Phil, and Arlo Gunther just to name a few.

Memorial Hall has been around for awhile...since 1924 to be exact.  My mother met my father there back when she was in High School, apparently they used to have dances there quite often.   I also remember basketball games there and graduations.  I used to attend the Plymouth Lions Club pancake breakfast every year with my father and his friend Bob Fortini at Memorial Hall.   Ah the memories.

Plymouth offers alot of options for entertainment and this is one of them.

Click here Memorial Hall for all their upcoming events.